Thursday, 13 September 2012

N6-5137-0 // t1 c/
This is an appeal filed by Sh. Sehdev Yadav, Block Education Officer,
Narnaund (Hisar), previously Principal, Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School
Hisar against the order dated 09.03.2012 passed by Director Secondary
Education (DSE), Haryana, Panchkula vide which a penalty of stoppage of one
grade increment without cumulative effect has been inflicted upon the
Brief facts of the case are that the incumbent was chargesheeted under
Rule 8 of Haryana Civil Services (Punishment and Appeal), Rules 1987 vide
order No. 5/37-2011 HRG-I (I) dated 26.07.2011 on the following charges: -
That as per enquiry report dated 09.02.2011, submitted by Joint
Director, Directorate of Elementary Education, Haryana, Panchkula,
Shri Sehdev Yadav, being the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of
Government Primary School No. 7, Hisar in connivance with Smt.
Pushpa Rani, JBT Teacher, from 03.12.2007 to 30.07.2009 granted
short leave more than once in a day and 2/3rd casual leaves in a day
to the said Pushpa Rani, whereas there is no such provision in the
relevant rules.
He replied to the said chargesheet on 29.09.2011 denying all the charges
levelled against him. Thereafter, DSE vide order dated 09.03.2012 imposed a
penalty of stoppage of one grade increment without cumulative effect upon the
incumbent. Hence, this appeal.
In the said appeal, it was stated that on five different dates in year 2008
and 2009, 2/ 3rd casual leaves were sanctioned. He further stated that when
these facts came to his notice, he converted the said 2/ 3 rd leaves into full
casual leave pertaining to the said different dates. The appeal was heard on
25.07.2012. During hearing, the incumbent reiterated the submissions made
in the appeal and requested to absolve him of the charges by reconsidering the
matter in the light of submissions made.
I have gone through the contents of file and chargesheet, reply thereof,
contents of the appeal and submissions made at the time of hearing. It is clear
that the incumbent has sanctioned short leaves and 2/ 3 rd casual leaves on
different dates and in different years of 2008 and 2009 against the Government
instructions dated 09.08.1965 and 22.10.1965 regarding grant of short leave
and late attendance, which has not been complied with at all. Hence, there isno scintilla of doubt that absolute discretion has been used in the matter of
grant of half-day and two-third leaves.
Taking an overall view of the matter, the appeal is rejected, being devoid
of merit.
I order accordingly.
Principal Se ry, Govt. of
Regd. Haryana, Sch Education
Sh. Sehdev Yadav, Department
Block Education Officer,
Narnaund (Hisar)
Endst. No. Even Dated Panchkula the
A copy is forwarded to the following for the information and necessary

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  1. kaithal block ke kuchh teachers ki abhi tak L.T.C nahi aayi hai aur na hi special increament lagi hai jo january se june tak joining wale teachers ki lagni thi.aur kai techers ka abhi tak october,2011 to march,2012 ka education allowance bhi nahi aaya.jisme g.p.s devigarh ke 2 teachers hai aur g.p.s and g.m.s dyodkheri ke 3 teachers hai.hum kai baar B.E.O office,kaithal ke chhakar kat chuke hai lekin koe nahi sara kaam B.E.O kaithal ke under aata hai.please union iss bare me jald hi kuchh kare.